Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kit is sick :(

Hey y'all this is Ellie. So like the title says Kit's hasn't been feeling very well lately. She isn't actually really sick, her allergies are just making her absolutely miserable. She felt bad for not updating this thingy, so I told her I would let ya know what was going on around here. You'll never guess what's happening around here...Are ya ready? Ok, get this, absolutely nothing has been going on. Nothing at all. So there we have it people, our weekly* update. So, umm, bye I guess.

P.S. Oh, and Kit totally exagerated the whole bee thing. I'm NOT that paranoid.

P.P.S. or is it P.S.S. Anyway Kit said I should put a picture, but I have no idea how to do that, so it's not happening.

*Or however often she updates this thing

Friday, April 9, 2010

A good blog?

So I've been think about what makes a good blog. To keep all my ideas straight and most importantly get more ideas I've decided to make a list. The frog picture is in no way related but the little froggy was so cute I couldn't resist.

Lots of pictures - I've been failing miserably at this. It's just so hard since we have a super slow connection so of course it takes forever to upload pictures and I don't really have much patience.

Regular updates - I think I've been doing fairly well updating regularly.

A good writing style - I'm not sure if I'm succeeding with my writing style.

Ok, I know that's a pitiful list but these three things are what almost all of my favorite blogs have in common. I'm sure there are things I'm missing, so what do you think makes a good blog?

Your (some-what successful) blogging friend,
Kit L. Kittredge

P.S. I thought of one other thing. Good grammar! I hate when people don't use proper grammar or misspell a word. Really there's no reason for bad spelling when almost every computer has some sort of spellcheck. Spellcheck is your friend! Along with a dictionary and *maybe* a thesaurus.

Friday, April 2, 2010


I posted about Ellie last so Zalynnia is next. I'm going to do this a bit differently so stick with me.

Full Name: Zalynnia Coria Rose-Amity

Birthday: December 25

Age: 13

Favorite color: Green

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Best Friend: Alindra

Favorite type of clothing : Dresses She loves her dresses, any type of dress.

Which reminds me..... Felicity made a new Easter dress for Zalynnia. It's too dark to get any decent pics today, but maybe tomorrow!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's!

Happy April Fool's! I knew AGPT (American Girl Playthings) would do something but WOW! They Barbie-fied it. Or as Owner's dad said Barfy-fied it. It's pink, pink, pink, glitter, and more pink.

Anyway in real life there were pranks being pulled all day! This morning we all woke up early except for Alindra. She's a very heavy sleeper so we all got together and dragged her bed out of our room. She was very confused when she woke up. At lunch Ellie made cool-aid for us, and she used salt instead of sugar! That was gross. And finally tonight when I went to write in my journal and it was empty! Everything I had written was in there. I was freaking out. Turned out Sonali had tracked down an exact match to my notebook and swapped them out! I didn't even know she knew where I kept it hid. I'm going to have to find a new hiding place. So, what pranks did you pull today? Or did you get pranked?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sister number 3, on your right, is Ellenor Sage Bartowski, although she prefers to be called Ellie. Even though she and Felicity are both 14 Ellie likes to remind Felicity that since her birthday is in August and Lissie's is in Dec. she is oldest. When she first came here I thought she and Felicity would be best friends because their personalities are so alike. I was wrong. They do try to be civil towards one another but they are definitely NOT friends. The other day I was talking to her outside by the tulips and she was messing around with something that looked like a small tube. I looked closer and saw it was an Epi-pen. I asked her what it was for, it turns out she is allergic to bee stings. She said she doesn't like to tell people because some people at her old school made fun of her because of it. She didn't have to worry about it in the winter but now that it's warming up the bees are starting to come out. She says she doesn't worry about it too much, but she still doesn't like to be around flowers or wear bright colors or sweet smelling perfume, because of the bees these things attract. I guess that's it for now, bye!

Your blogging friend,
Kit L. Kittredge

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've been telling you about my sisters and I but I totally forgot to tell you how old we are! So here is the list complete with birthdays and full names.
Kit Lee Kittredge- B-day: Dec.25 Age: 13
Felicity Ann Merrimen- B-day: Dec.25 Age: 14
Sonali Dawn Treador- B-day: Jan.21 Age: 12
Ellenor Sage Bartowski- B-day: August 23 Age: 14
Zalynnia Coria Rose-Amity- B-day: Dec.25 Age: 13
Alindra Chrysorem Anradin- B-day: March 5 Age: 13

I've gotta go do dishes, so farewell for now!
Your blogging friend,
Kit L. Kittredge

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sonali and spring!

Sonali came about a month after Felicity. Sonali's birthday is Jan. 21. She's quiet and sweet. She's the peace keeper around here, she always knows just what to say to calm people down. She and Ellie are best friends. You know the saying 'Opposites attract'? Well, that's Sonali and Ellie. Sonali also spends a lot of time with Garnet her pet turtle. Or maybe it's a tortoise? No matter how many times Sonali explains it I still get the two confused. Garnet kind of scares me but I suppose she's OK.

Yesterday Owner went shopping. She got flower es, flower seeds and a green house kit thingy. She also got Felicity a new pin cushion, but I like the flowers better. They are prettier and they smell better too! It's warming up so hopefully we can plant them soon. The warm weather reminds me that spring is coming, but so do the rains we keep having. Ellie says she'd gladly get rid of all the flowers if it meant that the rains would go away too. I don't agree, I love snapdragons and bleeding hearts. They are so beautiful. Of course I also like sunflowers and daisies.What are your favorite flowers?

Until next time your blogging friend,
Kit L. Kittredge

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I said I would tell you more about my sisters and I, but I'm not really good at talking about myself so I'll tell you about Felicity today. She was the second doll to come after me. I was alone for a long time till she came. She has red hair and bright green eyes. She wishes she had freckles but there isn't any thing she can do about that. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Since that photo was taken Owner let her get pink and purple highlights in her hair. She likes to sew and knit, she wants to teach me to knit. But I the way I see it there's no need for me to learn as long as she makes me stuff. Oh, I hope she doesn't read this, she might stop making me stuff. She's very loud and outgoing and she loves to wear bright colors. Owner's telling me I need to get off the computer and go help clean up our room, so bye!

Your blogging friend,

Kit L. Kittredge

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello! My name is Kit L. Kittredge, the L. stands for Lee but I think just using my initial sounds cooler. Owner said I could start a blog so here it is. I love to write more than anything else. I live with Owner and with 5 other girls. We call each other sisters but none of us are actually related. There are 6 of us all together. There's me, I came first, then came Felicity, Sonali was next, then Ellie, Zalynnia, and last came Alindra. I will tell you more about myself and my sisters soon but I gotta go.

Your (newly) blogging friend,
Kit L. Kittredge