Friday, April 9, 2010

A good blog?

So I've been think about what makes a good blog. To keep all my ideas straight and most importantly get more ideas I've decided to make a list. The frog picture is in no way related but the little froggy was so cute I couldn't resist.

Lots of pictures - I've been failing miserably at this. It's just so hard since we have a super slow connection so of course it takes forever to upload pictures and I don't really have much patience.

Regular updates - I think I've been doing fairly well updating regularly.

A good writing style - I'm not sure if I'm succeeding with my writing style.

Ok, I know that's a pitiful list but these three things are what almost all of my favorite blogs have in common. I'm sure there are things I'm missing, so what do you think makes a good blog?

Your (some-what successful) blogging friend,
Kit L. Kittredge

P.S. I thought of one other thing. Good grammar! I hate when people don't use proper grammar or misspell a word. Really there's no reason for bad spelling when almost every computer has some sort of spellcheck. Spellcheck is your friend! Along with a dictionary and *maybe* a thesaurus.

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  1. The froggy is sooooo cute .. it makes me want to reach out and pick him up.

    Sounds like you have great ideas for a wonderful blog .. we are having fun with ours too. I love blogging .. so do a couple of my sisters. Not everyone in the house enjoys it.

    We cannot wait to read more about you and your sisters (we call each other sisters too) and get to know you specially since our Tirya was there visiting ..

    Ta Ta,


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