Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sonali and spring!

Sonali came about a month after Felicity. Sonali's birthday is Jan. 21. She's quiet and sweet. She's the peace keeper around here, she always knows just what to say to calm people down. She and Ellie are best friends. You know the saying 'Opposites attract'? Well, that's Sonali and Ellie. Sonali also spends a lot of time with Garnet her pet turtle. Or maybe it's a tortoise? No matter how many times Sonali explains it I still get the two confused. Garnet kind of scares me but I suppose she's OK.

Yesterday Owner went shopping. She got flower es, flower seeds and a green house kit thingy. She also got Felicity a new pin cushion, but I like the flowers better. They are prettier and they smell better too! It's warming up so hopefully we can plant them soon. The warm weather reminds me that spring is coming, but so do the rains we keep having. Ellie says she'd gladly get rid of all the flowers if it meant that the rains would go away too. I don't agree, I love snapdragons and bleeding hearts. They are so beautiful. Of course I also like sunflowers and daisies.What are your favorite flowers?

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Kit L. Kittredge

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