Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've been telling you about my sisters and I but I totally forgot to tell you how old we are! So here is the list complete with birthdays and full names.
Kit Lee Kittredge- B-day: Dec.25 Age: 13
Felicity Ann Merrimen- B-day: Dec.25 Age: 14
Sonali Dawn Treador- B-day: Jan.21 Age: 12
Ellenor Sage Bartowski- B-day: August 23 Age: 14
Zalynnia Coria Rose-Amity- B-day: Dec.25 Age: 13
Alindra Chrysorem Anradin- B-day: March 5 Age: 13

I've gotta go do dishes, so farewell for now!
Your blogging friend,
Kit L. Kittredge

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