Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sister number 3, on your right, is Ellenor Sage Bartowski, although she prefers to be called Ellie. Even though she and Felicity are both 14 Ellie likes to remind Felicity that since her birthday is in August and Lissie's is in Dec. she is oldest. When she first came here I thought she and Felicity would be best friends because their personalities are so alike. I was wrong. They do try to be civil towards one another but they are definitely NOT friends. The other day I was talking to her outside by the tulips and she was messing around with something that looked like a small tube. I looked closer and saw it was an Epi-pen. I asked her what it was for, it turns out she is allergic to bee stings. She said she doesn't like to tell people because some people at her old school made fun of her because of it. She didn't have to worry about it in the winter but now that it's warming up the bees are starting to come out. She says she doesn't worry about it too much, but she still doesn't like to be around flowers or wear bright colors or sweet smelling perfume, because of the bees these things attract. I guess that's it for now, bye!

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Kit L. Kittredge

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